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Celestial Journeys is a 48 page book of original writings, aerial photos and music by pilot Susan Maule.  Included is an hour long CD of flute, piano, keyboard, harp and violin.  

"Celestial Journeys is a little gem and a mind/heart opener.  [Susan's] heartfelt insights should make everyone want to fly - if not actually, then in imagination."
- Joan Lyford - integrated arts instructor 

“You captured my very thoughts in your beautiful poetry AND pictures of the language of the clouds and the vastness of space and time...” - Robert Ward

Dimensional Pathways The Healing Tones of the Solfeggio is a meditative hour long CD of the pure tones of the Solfeggio tuning forks.  On the second track the sounds of Crystal Sing Bowls, DNA, Earth, Sun and Moon tuners are added to the Solfeggio tuners.

Calling The Moon This collection of flute and keyboard music was created to open doors to places seen and unseen, to places of peace and tranquility, of mental, physical and spiritual movement.

“Calling The Moon  touches deep within the soul to offer profound relaxation and healing.”

-Cathleen A. Tyner - Reiki Master/Teacher

Odyssey Into Light is a collection of three 20 minute drum or rattle pieces intended to facilitate meditation and Shamanic journeying. For the novice traveler a complete guide is included.

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