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Celestial Journeys


“ Celestial Journeys’ is a visual, poetic, musical presentation, inspired by thousands of hours of flight. Reflecting on the mysteries and beauty of our Earth below and sky and universe above, the flowing, hypnotic sounds of Susan’s Native American flute, accompanied by mesmerizing symphonic keyboards, creates a meditative experience. ‘Celestial Journeys’ is a must for those who wish to enjoy the peace and serenity of our world.”

Dennis R. Stone

Celestial Journeys

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Susan Maule
Susan Maule
Susan Maule

Celestial Journeys is a 48 page book of written images, aerial photos and music by pilot Susan Maule. Included is an hour long CD of flute, piano, keyboard, harp and violin.  

Looking to the east and seeing a full moon exactly half way up the horizon and then looking west and seeing the sun exactly half way down. 

Two halves making a whole.

Excerpt from Intro to Celestial Journeys.


A journey through words, imagery and music

There is a beauty and allure to flying; a freedom and tranquility that is different from any experience on earth. There is a music to flying -a dance, an art all its own. From above we are able to see how history relates to geography; how our community's environment is connected to communities hundreds of miles away, and where our ancestors travelled on their quest for unseen destinations. The earth's magnificent beauty seen in twists and swirls and colors is the art upon which we live. Excerpt from Intro to Celestial Journeys.

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"Celestial Journeys is a little gem and a mind/heart opener. Susan's heartfelt insights should make everyone want to fly - if not actually, then in imagination."

Joan Lyford

Integrated Arts instructor 

“Knowing intimately the joys of flight has endowed Susan Maule with a sincere desire to communicate her love of flying and the natural world. She appreciates the blessings that surround her and, here those gifts upon us.”

Ann Lewis Cooper

Author and Pilot

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