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Susan’s sound sessions are tailor-made for the individual needs of the person receiving. They include a variety of sound instruments such as crystal alchemy singing bowls, tuning forks, monochords, flutes and others. Susan offers in person sessions in the Philadelphia area and online. At present she is only offering online.


The use of sound and vibration helps to energize and bring the body into balance so it can best heal it’s self.

Your body benefits from tuning just as a small tweak to a guitar string brings it into harmony with the other strings.


Using sound and vibration can provide results for a variety of issues including:

Sleep Disorders  |  Anxiety  |  Stress Management  |  PTSD  |  Depression  |  Pain Management

Sound & Vibration

An inperson sound and vibration session is a one on one experience personalized for each individual. Susan uses a verity of instruments both on or off the body based on the needs of the client.  These are offered in the Philadelphia area.  

Due to Covid-19 in person sessions are not available.

Susan is offering a unique alternative to in person sessions.  After an online or phone conversation with Susan she will create and record a personal Sound Journey that can be used as a meditative healing practice 


Sound Journey

A Sound Journey is a meditative, relaxing concert of different sound instruments. Susan uses alchemy singing bowls, flute, monochord, voice and a verity of chimes, gongs and more. During Covid Susan has been doing Sound Journeys online and outside.


Path To Healing

 This session is an angelic healing that helps you remove all blocks to joy while taking you on a journey of self-discovery. A session utilizes the client’s physical symptoms to illuminate areas in which self-love is needed. Once addressed, the conditions can quickly dissipate.This exploration provides specific insight as to the origin of the blocks to joy. Then the angelic vibration of crystals, tuning forks and essential oils raise your vibration to love, releasing the blocks, enabling joy.

The Path to Heal is offered online or inperson

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I have known Susan for many years. I am honored to call her my friend and walk with her on our journey together here on earth. Susan is a born Shaman! Her sessions are always transformative as she holds such sacred space in her work while incorporating a variety of  modalities. Whether she is playing an instrument, singing, doing hands-on healing, working with crystals, Path to Heal, or using her own intuitive gifts, she allows herself to be the instrument in which spirit guides and works through her for each individual’s highest of good. I am grateful to receive the magnificent gifts that each session holds.

Love, Love, Love....Alana

Alana Coppola Certified Energy Practioner

Spiritual Teacher/Guide

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