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Susan's Musings

Birch Meditation ....

A moment of Zen was recorded on 11/03/2020 the night of the USA election, for inner peace and unity during a long and stressful year.

World Sound Day Love

Valentine's Day

As a professional commercial airline pilot, Susan Maule has spent her lifetime literally facilitating journeys through the air, providing the safe passage for countless individuals from one location to another. Her impeccable technical skillset translates directly to her expertise as a sound practitioner, as she facilitates inner transformational journeys that invite participants to travel on sound waves.

I imagine it requires a deep understanding of gravity, to be able to successfully and repeatedly land a plane. Likewise, a transformational facilitator must be incredibly grounded for their participants to feel comfortable surrendering into self-discovery: with the ability to launch travelers into the inner realms and return them safely to ordinary consciousness so that what they’ve uncovered may positively integrate into their daily life.

With over 20 years playing the Jlute and 25 years invested in playing crystal singing bowls, Susan brings a wealth of experience to her live sound creation. She’s also constantly adding beautiful new and innovative techniques and tools to her sound practice: taking knowledge from different modalities and integrating mediums at a high level. Her inquisitive nature has lead her to undergo much self-inquiry, enabling her to be open to discovery and trust what is needed in the moment: a present minded awareness that can only come from years of deep preparation.

I have full conJidence in Susan’s ability to expertly pilot anyone through an exploration of the soul through sound - a gorgeous journey awaits you!

Joule L’Adara
Founder of Sounding Circles

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