Learn & Experience The SomaEnergetics Energy Vitality Technique - Utilizing the Powerful Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies created by David Hulse, D.D.

The Solfeggio Frequencies facilitate a sense of balance and harmony and reconnect you with your inner energy potential. Experience states of deep relaxation in seconds, reduce stress instantaneously, increase blood flow, enhance immune response, fully integrate body & mind, and transcend to higher levels of consciousness.

The Forks are complimentary with many different healing modalities including:




•Polarity therapy

•Sports rehabilitation





•And anyone interested in alternative healing modalities and pain management

Tuning forks and sound can be used to experience deep levels of healing, by bringing your body back to its fundamental pulse and by connecting you to your Authentic Life Rhythm.

Some of the benefits of Solfeggio Tuning Forks:

•Provides instantaneous, deep state of relaxation

•Improves mental clarity and brain functioning

•Increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration

•Relieves stress by drawing your body into a centered space

•Develops and refines your sonic abilities

•Enhances massage, acupressure, dreamwork and meditation

•Brings your nervous system into balance

•Integrates left and right brain thought patterns

The forks are specially tuned to sacred proportions.  Bringing two different sounds together making them one, you feel unified, at peace, re-igniting the passion and power deep inside you. When you tap the tuning forks, you awaken the life energy of your cells.


Thanks to John Beaulieu of BioSonics for sharing this information.

Susan is a SomaEnergetics Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher and Practitioner

Susan teaches Level 1, Level 2 and Body Tuner Workshops

"SomaEnergetics" is Approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education  Approved Provider  #450637-08.  Classes also approved for Florida & (Accepted in Tennessee) Massage Therapists CE Hours.

The following hands on workshops are eligible for CE Contact Hours:

Level One Sound Therapy Workshop - 12 Contact Hours
Level Two Advanced Practitioner Workshop - 12 Contact Hours

Body Tuner Workshop - 6 Contact Hours


This experiential workshop will give you hands-on experience with the new and innovative SomaEnergetics Techniques.  You will experience how the Ancient Solfeggio frequencies facilitate a sense of balance and harmony and reconnect you with your inner energy potential.  Massage, Reiki and Polarity Therapists, Holistic Physicians, Energy Workers and individuals are using these powerful, custom-made Solfeggio EnergyTuners and BodyTuners with the SomaEnergetics™ Techniques - taking sound/energy therapy to an entirely new level! 

Hands on Experience with the SomaEnergetics Energy Vitality Technique

Anodized Color Solfeggio Tuning Forks - a SomaEnergetics Exclusive

PowerPoint and Sound Therapy Videos 12-15 Hours of Training depending on size of class

Includes a 79 Page Training Manual



* The expanded skills give even deeper results in a tuning session

* Completion of Workshop classifies you as a Level II, Advanced Practitioner

* Can Advertise your new Training

* Can use new classification as a value-added enhancement to your skills and practice

* Excellent techniques for self-healing

* Completing the course ultimately identifies you as one of the leading, pioneer Practitioners of this new, "cutting-edge," energy-technology.


* Learn the SomaEnergetics Body- Mapping Technique

This Technique helps identify inner emotional stresses, and how they manifest in the body thru energy blockages.

* Use of Body Tuners

You will learn techniques to address physical energy blockages using the exclusive SomaEnergetics Body Tuners.


You will Experience How To Use Body Tuners...


·  For Trigger Point areas

·  For Acupressure/Potent Points  

·  To Affect a Nerve Plexus/Center

·  For Meridian Lines

·  To Activate The Five Elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether

Susan is available for sessions and workshops in the Media, PA.  Also available for workshops throughout N Am and Europe.

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