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“When we fly we are suspended in nature’s beauty.  Beauty is in the dusk, in the dark of night, and in the first light of dawn. Beauty is in the bright of midday.  A wondrous sight has the capacity to heal.  It holds the answers to our questions. It brings joy, peace and reflection. It can be life altering.” - S. M.

“Knowing intimately the joys of flight has endowed Susan Maule with a sincere desire to communicate her love of flying and the natural world. She appreciates the blessings that surround her and, here, bestows those gifts upon us.”

                         ~ Ann Lewis Cooper  author/pilot

Music Selections
Orbital Sunrise
Chasing Orion
Planets Aligning 
Dawn Awakens
Dancing Rays
Passing Clouds
      Silent Star
Evening Star

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“I frequently play "Celestial Journeys" during my restorative yoga class. The soothing music evokes space and freedom encouraging the students to ride the waves of their breath into a deeper practice. I am partial to flute music as it  the use of breath which is the key component in yoga, making Susan's music particularly effective and relaxing.” - Jean Hopkins Yoga Instructor


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