Praise for  “Calling the Moon”

It is every musician’s hope that his or her music will communicate and touch the soul of the listener. Timing, and the labor put into the production are essential in creating an artistic musical statement of the highest quality. The fruits of this labor are clearly present and strongly communicated in the first release by flutist Susan Maule titled “Calling the Moon.”

“Calling the Moon” is self-described by Susan as a “Collection of flute and keyboard music created to open doors to places seen and unseen, to places of peace and relaxation, and to places of mental, physical, and spiritual movement.” And that is exactly what it does. The album will surely be embraced by not only New Age music enthusiasts, but also by Native American music lovers as well. Most of the flutes played are of the Native American variety. Album producer and co-composer Elon, adds keyboards and percussion. The two merge their talents in a musical harmony that can only be made in heaven.

The inspiration for the title came from a night that Susan spent on a Florida beach during her early flute playing days, being determined not to play until she saw the moon rise. The journey that Susan takes us on is a mystic, reflective soul searching one. From the opening notes of “Pathway,” to the closing “Lullaby for the Daydreamer,” one can easily allow themselves to drift into Susan and Elon’s spiritual music world. It’s a heartwarming journey that can bring you to a clean, calm, clear, relaxed and peaceful space. Most of the tracks feature both musicians, but are broken up by highly effective droning flute solos from Susan that carry you to the heavens. Both Native American and Celtic influences are apparent here, and help balance out this outstanding effort by this up and coming flutist. When Susan called out for the Moon, it surely answered her, and her music may indeed call out to you too. “Calling the Moon” is certainly a cut above many new current releases in the New Age/Native American category, and hopefully will only be the first of many musical travels taken by Susan Maule and presented to us.

Dennis R. Stone

Ancient Chord Music                       

Music Selections
Calling The Moon
Moving East
Will To Live
Hour Glass
Eternal Rhyme
Beads of Light
Celestial Journey
Love Echoes
Lullaby For The Daydreamer

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